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Singing of Agreement for granting of Rs. 335.7 Mn to Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies Eastern University, Sri Lanka By Secretary , Mr. M.M.P.K. Mayadunne & Indian High Commissioner , Mr.Tharenjith Singh at the presence of Hon. Minister, Rauf Hakeem.

Hon.Minister Lucky Jayawardhana assumed duties on 11th June 2019, as Ministry of City Planning , Water Supply & Higher Education at Ward Place, Colombo 07.


Scholarships for Sri Lankans

How can we get to know about the scholarships?

You can obtain the full scholarship notice and the application form from the Ministry website and also you can see paper advertisements in Daily News, Dinamina & Thinakaran newspapers including important information regarding the scholarship and requesting you to refer the Ministry website for further details.

When you publish the scholarships?

With the receipt of the offering letters from various countries the Ministry publishes the scholarship notices and call for applications.


Approximate time period of advertising scholarships
Se.NoCountry Jan Feb Mar Ap May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
01. India - SAARC Chair/fellowship/Scholarship Scheme *                      
02. India - Indian Commonwealth Postgraduate Scholarships












03. India - Indo  Sri Lanka Cultural Exchange












04. Brunei - Brunei Darussalam Govt. Scholarships












05. Indonesean Postgraduate Scholarships












06. China












07. Japan - Japanese (Monbukagakusho Mext) Scholarships












08. Korea - Korean Government Scholarships












09. New Zealand - New Zealand Commmonwealth Scholarships












10. United Kingdom












11. Turkey












12. Pakistan












13. Cuba


14. Bangladesh







































Serbian Scholarships













Cyprus Postgraduate













Lee Kuan Yew Fellowship













Yunan Provincial Govt. Scholarships













Ayush Scholarships - India












Cuban Scholarships













Commonwealth Posrgraduate Scholarsgips- Asssociation of Commonwealth Universities













* -  Postgraduate Scholarships

# - Undergraduate Scholarships

What are the eligibility requirements for applying a scholarship?

  • For Postgraduate Scholarships
  1.  All applicants should be Government employees including public sector, boards, co-operations  and universities.(However Japanese scholarships are open for private sector as well)

  2. Only permanent employees are eligible but those who need postgraduate qualifications for their confirmation are also accepted.

  3. Should possess second class upper division or above for first degree. Good command in English is essential.

  4. Age limit vary according to the country but mostly below 40 years.


  • For Undergraduate Scholarships
  1. Applicants should possess G.C.E. A/L qualification (Any other qualifications is not considered)

  2. Good command in English is essential.

  3. Age limit vary according to country but mostly below 25 years.

Foreign Leave

What are the necessary documents need to apply for overseas leave?

Untitled Document

  • Appendix 16 (application form for all other officers except the vice chancellors and the chairman, UGC)

  • Appendix 17 (application form for vice chancellors/ chairman, UGC)

  • Invitation letter ( if it is an official leave)

  • Fund letter (if the tour is funded by an external party)

  • Justification letter (if the officer has visited abroad more than 3 times in the same year)

  • 3 sets of copies  of the aforesaid documents

When we should submit the application to get the approval from the Ministry?

You should submit the application 14 days before the departure

How long does it take to obtain the approval?

Time period depends on the type of leave.  Approval of the Prime minister is needed for official leave and it takes nearly one week to get the approval from the Prim minister’s office. Private leave is approved by the Hon. Minister (duration 2-3 days)

Air Tickets

What are the necessary documents should be submitted to get the approval?

  • Covering letter with the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor and the University Grants Commission.

  • Three quotations from separate air lines

When we should get the Secretary’s approval for an Air ticket?

If you wish to fly from an air line other than Sri Lankan or Mihin Lanka you should get the approval for the air ticket from the Secretary of Ministry of Higher Education.

Which circular do we need to follow?


Finance circular No: 431 dated 24/04/2008

University Generated Funds

Which documents should be submitted to request for university generated funds?

  • Application form

  • A to G form

  • Brief explanation of the total expenditure you wish to spend and the consent of the Vice Chancellor.

When we should apply for university generated funds?

If you wish to go abroad by using university generated funds you should apply to get the approval from the Department of National Budget through the Ministry of Higher Education with the consent of the Vice Chancellor.

Which circular do we need to follow?

Finance circular No: 431 dated 24/04/2008


Sri Lanka to be an international hub of excellence for higher education by 2020


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