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Scholarships offered by the Ministry of Higher Education for the citizen of Sri Lanka

One of the main activities of the Ministry of Higher Education is providing opportunities for the Sri Lankans to follow Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in various fields in foreign countries. In selection of candidates, to have openness and transparency, as well as to select the best applicants, applications are called through an advertisement, which is published in the website of this Ministry and the News Papers. Qualified applicants are interviewed by a panel of experienced University Lecturers. Selected best applicants are nominated for the final selection which is done by the respective scholarship agency.


Postgraduate Scholarships


New Zealand, Postgraduate Scholarships - 2018 , Extended upto 20.03.2018
Azerbaijan, Direct Scholarships, ADA University Admission Programme, Close on 05.04.2018

Undergraduate Scholarships


Thailand, Undergraduate, Engineering & IT Scholarships, Close on 5th April, 2018

Direct Scholarships


Indonesia, Masters Degree Programme 2018, Close on 30th April, 2018

China, Direct Scholarships, (YES CHINA) Master Programme, Government Scholarship, Close on 01.04.2018

Korea, Direct Scholarships, Direct Scholarships, KGSP in the Korea University Business School

Masters and Ph.D degree programmes at the Daegu Gyeongubuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST) - Korea for the Spring 2016

Annual Scholarship Calender


Scholarships Summary


Foreign scholarships offered through Ministry of Higher Education  

The  Foreign countries offer undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships through the Ministry of Higher Education for Sri Lankans to study in their countries annually. Basic information of those scholarship schemes are given in the tables below: 


Undergraduate        Click here  

Postgraduate           Click here  


The above basic eligibility requirements and other information are subject to change the rules and regulations laid down by the host country and this Ministry at the time of applying for the scholarships.  

How to apply and for more details   Click here  

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