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HETC -Higher Education for the Twenty-first Century

World Bank Assisted Project


Background of the HETC:

Higher Education for the Twenty First Century Project is a credit given to the Government of Sri Lanka by the International Development Association (World Bank) amounting to US$ 40 Mn for the period of 5? years from 2011 to 2016.


Objective of the Project:

The main objective is to enhance the capacity of higher education system and to deliver quality higher education services in line with equitable, social and economic development needs of the country.


Project Components:

The HETC is organized with four components. The first component is to develop a Sri Lanka Qualification Framework and Quality Assurance and Accreditation System for Higher Education in Sri Lanka. The second component is to promote relevance and quality of teaching and learning in all 15 Universities. The third component is to strengthen the alternative higher education by developing the Advanced Technological Institutes of the SLIATE. The fourth component is to strengthen human resources of the higher education system.

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