Process of Purchasing Laptop

Process of Purchasing Laptops for University Students on the Basis of an Interest free Loan

  • Designated IT service Providers with their offers of Laptop Computers and specifications will be published to state universities and students.  
    • The maximum all inclusive price of the Laptop computer will be Rs. 75,000.00.  
    • The Laptop computer must be covered by three (03) years comprehensive warranty, Windows/Linux operating system installed with an anti-virus software programme.
  • Student can go to the nearest branch of the IT Service Provider (Computer Vendor) and select a Laptop computer brand/model and get a Performa Invoice.
  • Maximum Loan amount will be Rs. 75,000.00 and has to repay by 36 interest free equal installments starting from the following month after purchasing the laptop computer.
  • Student Administration Office of the University will issue recommendation letter to the preferred bank/branch with other necessary documents.
  • Student has to submit a letter from the university, Application Form, NIC Card, Student Record Book and any other specific documents recommended by the Bank. Student has to submit another Student as a guarantor.
  • After necessary proceedings bank will issue a cheque to the relevant IT service provider, IT service provider will then issue the Laptop computer to the Student.
  • The student has to start settling monthly installment from the following month.

List of Supplier Specification & Price

Bank of Ceylon

  • Loan Procedure[PDF - 23KB]
  • Application(Sinhala)[PDF - 23KB]
  • Application (English)[PDF - 23KB]
  • Application (Tamil)[PDF - 23KB]
  • Branches[PDF - 23KB]

Peoples Bank

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